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Here at FunnyGames you can enjoy a great selection of thrilling adventure games. Adventure games are a diverse game genre in which exciting storylines guide the action of the game. Can you help your character explore their environment? Embark on an epic journey to seek out hidden treasures and rare creatures. Go on a safari trip, a mountain expedition, or hike a hazardous trail through the forest. You’ll have to deal with secret temples, strange monsters, dangerous wildlife, and more! Do you have the skills to survive these awesome adventure games?

Experience the Best Free Adventure Games for PC

Adventure games first appeared in the 1970s, but they were quite different from what they are today. The oldest adventure games were text-based, and you had to type in commands to advance though the game. As computers became more powerful, images were added and the point and click adventure format was born: the player could tap on items and options within the game environment to progress through their adventurous journey. Adventure games became even more exhilarating with the development of 3D graphics that allow for a much more immersive experience.

At FunnyGames, you can play all kinds of 2D and 3D adventure games, from RPG games and strategy games to space exploration and escape games. No matter how fantastic the setting, you’ll find all the grand adventures you’re craving in this game catalogue. Browse our collection to find adventure games organised by the genres and activities you like most.

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